What Does It Mean When a Medical Clinic Is Accredited?

The Intersocietal Accreditation Commission accredits medical clinics that diagnose and treat vein diseases and disorders. Getting accredited is a voluntary step vein treatment clinics can take to evaluate their facilities and level of patient care. It is a rigorous review which is conducted at the expense of the vein clinic and which proves the highest care standards are upheld within that medical group. Our vein clinic near Lindenhurst is one of the select few that sought and achieved accreditation, demonstrating our superior training and expertise in venous medicine.   

What Must Vein Specialists Prove to Achieve Accreditation?

Vein specialists must perform at least two of these procedures to be eligible for accreditation: sclerotherapy, phlebectomy, saphenous vein ablation, or non-operative management of Chronic Venous Insufficiency (the disease responsible for most spider and varicose veins). Next, they must complete a self-evaluation that follows the IAC’s standards, and submit detailed operational information, including case studies to be reviewed by the IAC. The application includes a $6,000 fee and a 2-3-month review of the vein treatment clinic’s documents and procedures. Many clinics do not receive accreditation and those that do, must repeat the process every three years.

There are various places that offer vein treatment. Here’s why you should narrow your search to an “accredited vein clinic near me Lindenhurst.”

Is a Vein Doctor More Trained at an Accredited Vein Clinic?

Many factors weigh into the decision of whether a facility receives accreditation. The level of training and certification of the doctors is one such factor. In general, vein treatment clinics that aren’t staffed by highly trained doctors typically don’t seek accreditation. Often, those types of vein clinics aren’t qualified to administer procedures like radiofrequency ablation, Varithena, VenaSeal, or phlebectomy, which means they aren’t eligible for accreditation. So, when you choose a medical clinic with this important distinction, you’re likely receiving care from doctors of a much higher caliber.

Is Every Vein Clinic Near Lindenhurst Accredited?

Many vein clinics aren’t accredited for one of three common reasons. Either they lack training in the procedures required for accreditation; they don’t trust the quality of their operations enough to apply; or they applied but didn’t meet the standards. Don’t assume a vein clinic in Lindenhurst is accredited. Ask for verification. This elite seal of approval is something you should require of anyone who treats your vascular health.

Do I Need to See a Vascular Surgeon for Accredited Care?

Vein doctors don’t need to be a vascular surgeon to achieve accreditation. And not all surgeons are accredited. In fact, most vein issues are no longer treated with surgery, since minimally invasive vein treatments have largely replaced invasive tactics like vein stripping. Don’t assume a vascular surgeon is your best, or most qualified, option. Instead, look for important credentials like board certification in venous medicine and IAC accreditation, whether they perform surgery or not.

Are Accredited Clinics Run by Board Certified Vein Doctors?

Some people who call themselves “vein specialists” are neither board certified in vein medicine nor doctors. They might be estheticians, dermatologists, cosmetic surgeons, nurses, nurse practitioners, or physician’s assistants. Your veins are part of an intricate system that performs essential functions, like delivering oxygen and nutrients to your cells. Veins are also prone to life-threatening complications like blood clots and deep vein thrombosis. Just because someone will treat your veins, doesn’t mean they should. It’s imperative to work with a board certified vein doctor in order to prevent minor complications, like recurrent varicose veins, and major complications, like necrosis or DVT.   

Do Accredited Clinics Use Minimally Invasive Vein Treatments?

Many accredited vein treatment clinics received their high marks, in part, because of minimally invasive vein treatment options. Procedures like sclerotherapy, vein adhesives, and thermal ablation prevent surgery and provide quicker, gentler, more effective results for patients. If you choose an accredited Hampton Bays or Lindenhurst vein clinic, you’re more likely to receive these newer, safer treatments instead of unnecessary vein surgery.  

Does Varicose Vein Treatment Require an Accredited Clinic?

Some patients think of varicose veins as a cosmetic nuisance. But they’re actually evidence of a more serious issue called Chronic Venous Insufficiency. This disease involves valve failure within a vein that causes blood to collect and elevate pressure inside the vein. The result is the bulging, twisted varicose veins you see at the surface. But treatment often requires vein doctors to look deeper and identify the broken valve. Without treating the underlying malfunction, varicosities will continue to develop, along with symptoms like heaviness, achiness, itchiness, restlessness, and discoloration. As the disease progresses, venous eczema, slow-healing ulcerations, and life-threatening blood clots are also a risk. So, don’t just seek a cosmetic solution for varicose vein treatment. Visit our accredited vein clinic in Lindenhurst for comprehensive treatment.

Do Accredited Clinics Use State of the Art Technology?

Another feature of many accredited medical clinics is the use of state of the art technology. If you’re wondering how that affects you as a patient, it includes everything from identifying your issue to resolving it. Our doctors use ultrasound-guided technology to locate problematic veins and precisely position the treatment device. We have cutting-edge tools at our disposal, including special rotating catheters that mechanically and chemically treat your vein, and medical-grade cyanoacrylate adhesives that close off troubled veins permanently. Our pre-mixed foam sclerosants fill veins more completely, using less medicine, for thorough and rapid resolution. Our patients are confident in our ability to treat their veins because we possess the training, technology, and track record for exceptional results.   

Can I Book an Appointment at an Accredited NJ Vein Clinic?

Some vein clinics in Lindenhurst aren’t accepting new patients or have a long waitlist for first-time patients. However, we have a unique scheduling system that allows us to spend ample time with each patient, while making time for new patients who need us. Our esteemed medical group follows a standard of practice established by our Harvard-trained medical director that includes easy communication with your doctor. We have a comprehensive team that includes insurance specialists, scheduling experts, and patient concierges, to make your visit a seamless experience. Book an appointment with our vein specialists today to experience award-winning care.